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      • Explore the milestones that made Club OS what it is today ?
      • Club OS Launched with Scheduling and Fitness Tracking2011
      • Membership Sales CRM was added2012
      • Email Marketing Automation was released2013
      • SMS Marketing became available for Club OS users2014
      • Personal Training Sales Automation was released2014
      • 1,000 Clubs using Club OS2015
      • Facebook Lead Ad Integration was released2016
      • 2,000 Clubs using Club OS2016
      • Personal Training Management was launched2017
      • Named as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 5,0002017
      • Club OS Pitch was released2017

      Check out the dedicated employees who make Club OS shine every day.

      Adam Stokar

      Founder & President

      John Beard

      Business Intelligence Data Architect

      Daniel Driver

      Quality Assurance Manager

      Steven Tardo

      Software Engineer

      Sarah Hill

      Director of Business Systems Analysis

      Owen Linton

      Director of Design & UX

      Bettie Gonzales

      Key Account Manager - Anytime Fitness

      Calley Mitchamore

      Marketing Specialist

      Andrew Clapp

      Help Desk Agent

      Adam Heck

      Help Desk Agent

      Megan Oswald

      Technical Support - Tier 1

      Lauren McClone

      Implementation Expert

      Kristen Coy

      Key Account Manager

      Nick Laffey

      Software Engineer

      Kevin Talley

      Digital Content Coordinator

      Mary Kate Hoffman

      Senior Implementation Associate

      William Franey

      Technical Support - Tier 1

      Paige Kenley

      Account Executive

      Jon-Anthony Reyna

      Senior Implementation Associate

      Michael Carrig

      Technical Support Manager

      Sean McLaughlin

      Account Executive

      Jeff Williams

      Technical Support

      Katie Klochan

      Program Manager

      Ed Segall

      Software Engineer

      Rey Tyler Baca

      Junior Key Account Manager

      David Webb

      SVP of Operations

      Jen Calovich

      Customer Engagement Manager

      Brent Brown

      Customer Engagement Manager

      Kurt Higgins

      Technical Support Manager

      Tammy Beil

      VP of Marketing

      Nick Hahn

      VP of Product

      Missy King

      Senior Business Systems Analyst

      Mindy Bogue

      Office Assistant/Billing

      Tasha Singletary

      Development Manager

      Jeff Wild

      Director of Sales

      John McGrew

      Senior Manager, Customer Success

      Ky Ferguson

      Senior Business Systems Analyst

      Alex Forte

      Software Engineer

      Abby Kelly

      Instructional Designer

      Jordan Stoffle

      Help Desk Agent

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